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Harper's legacy carries on hope through research. She was the first to leave her brain to CDKL5 research, a valuable gift that along with her living tissue, will be the key to ending seizures for not just her CDKL5 disorder, but any disorder that carries with it seizures as a symptom. Her cell line lives at the University of California, San Diego, where it is multiplied and distributed around the world for research. Her brain is being researched, in a collaborative effort with the lab in California, at the University of Pennsylvania. A piece of Harper is used in every project we fund to find ways to establish a better quality of life for those living with disabilities. For more information or to make a contribution please visit our page www.hope4harper.com
In January 2016 Harper lost her life and donated her organs to scientific research. The University of California San Diego needs $22,000 a year to house Harper's living tissue to distribute to scientists around the world.