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Humane Tomorrow

Humane Tomorrow is dedicated to promoting a respectful, responsible, and compassionate relationship between animals and people.
Humane Tomorrow created the Mercy Fund in 1998 as a result of the seizure of a large group of dogs from a breeder. The condition of the dogs was appalling, and required a great deal of medical care before they could be ready for adoption. We realized that adoption fees alone could never pay for their care, so a special donation fund was established that helps us provide victims of abuse and neglect the care they need. Over the years, the Mercy Fund, named for one of the original dogs rescued from the breeder, has allowed Humane Tomorrow to come to the rescue not only of animals, but also of our partner shelters and good Samaritans desperate to help sick, injured, or abused animals, but lacking the funds to do so. In late 2016 the Mercy Fund allowed us to assist with a large-scale rescue in which we took in over 60 dogs rescued from a hoarder, most infested with mange, parasites, and many requiring extensive medical care for months. As of June, this fund has spent over $66,000 caring for neglected, sick, or injured animals in 2017. We do not believe that an animal should lose its life simply for lack of money for medical care. For many of these animals, the Mercy Fund offers the only chance they have at finding a new home. We think they are worth it but obviously we can only save as many of them as we can afford. Your contribution of any size is so valuable! $25 could treat a kitten for upper respiratory infection$300 could treat a dog for heartworms$2,000 could treat a puppy for parvo$3,000 could mend a broken leg. Thank you for helping us create a Humane Tomorrow!
Humane Tomorrow