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I Will Stand International

Our mission is to rescue, restore, equip, and empower vulnerable women and children. We work to bring people from the streets to standing firmly on their feet with the ability to give back to others. Our desire is to see people moved from brokenness to full restoration in Christ. We do this through identifying needs in the streets (through our resale store, referrals, or literally on the streets through our street teams), providing shelter if needed in one of our safe homes, taking them through our restoration program in our safe homes, and working to equip and empower through mentoring, education, and job placement if needed.
We are seeing a drastic increase in the need for local homes for women in domestic violence, vulnerable or homeless situations who need a help getting back on their feet. We have a waiting list for people to get into our safe homes right now. People should not have to wait to actively start improving their life. We need the funding for another home to be added into our network so that we can keep helping women get back on their feet and see full restoration in their life.