Raised for Nonprofits

ICARE Operation

To give joy to the homeless though giving of socks - and providing meals and supplies. Bringing love and hope to those who are without hope and to provide for basic items that alleviate their suffering. We are structured to reach young people in the community encountering difficulties, especially at college level.
In 2017 we started off at the beginning of the year planning on getting additional transportation to enable us carry the supplies to our outreach events as we have seen an increase in the number of needs. The ideal vehicle would be a van or a pick up truck to help us pick up and transport goods where there is a need. Even though we have not attained this goal, this has not slowed us down, we continue to provide for those in the community with basic needs. We continue to need blankets, clothes, coats and personal hygiene items. We started off isolating socks as the number one needed clothing item and the least donated. We need socks throughout the year. We have received increased requests for men underwear and vests. Our give out for both men underwear and vests is limited and we need to triple the purchases to meet the growing needs moving forward.