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IDEA Service Dogs

ISD believes that many physically challenged people can achieve an improved quality of life through the addition of a service dog that they raise and train themselves through a comprehensive multi-year program designed specifically for their needs.
1. Our growth continues and we have outgrown our current classroom. We would like to be able to rent a larger facility where our equipment can also be stored, and where our trainers can also hold private lessons for our students that need special tutoring. We currently are constrained to 4-5 dogs per class, and would like to grow class size by 50 to 100%. 2. Many of our students require customized walking harnesses for their dogs to provide mobility support. These harnesses can cost up to $600.00 each. We would like to be able to provide them to our students at a reduced amount or free of charge. 3. We will continue to need to send students and/or staff to attend seminars for specialized dog training issues such as dog behavior, nose work, advanced training and certifications. Medical alert is a growing field for service dogs and we would like to expand our expertise in this area. 4. We have been working with dog breeders that socialize their puppies with modern Puppy Culture methods. We would like to broaden the geographic area from which we identify appropriate dog breeders, which will require travel.