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"IMAGINATION in EDUCATION"... Imagination Fort Worth provides arts - integrated programming for ALL LEARNERS, in schools with limited access to arts experiences. Imagination Fort Worth creates and provides FUN and innovative educational programming for students by integrating arts with curriculum. Imagination Fort Worth sparks the imaginations of Texas kids through grant funded experiences tranformational experiences that combine the creative thrill of the arts with the critical educational goals outlined by local, state and national guidelines. Through art, dance, music, and theater, students engage with history, science, math, and language in ways that enhance learning and awaken creativity.
We humbly request your financial support for our exceptional programs, which allow IMAGINATION FORT WORTH to: FILL KIDS AND TEACHERS WITH JOY ... IGNITE IMAGINATIONS ... NURTURE INNOVATION ... HELP ALTERNATIVE LEARNERS GRASP REQUIRED CURRICULUM ... GET KIDS ENGAGED ... IMPACT STUDENT LITERACY THROUGH THE ARTS Our Additional Wish - List includes: 1. Money for books that support literacy in each of our Pre-k through Second Grade programs!