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Incarnation House

The mission of Incarnation House is to partner with the vulnerable youth of Dallas to access the physical, educational and emotional resources necessary to live an independent and successful future. Located in the heart of Uptown Dallas, Incarnation House offers a safe and consistent after-school destination that feels like home and programming where each student is valued for who they are as an individual. We are dedicated to closing the opportunity gap by ensuring homeless and low-income youth have access to academically enriching activities. With a team-driven approach, staff, volunteers and over 20 nonprofit partners collaborate to deliver the following services: - Case Management & Counseling - Medical and Dental - Life Skills - Educational Support - Vocational Support - Unique Educational & Enrichment Activities
In a state with the 6th highest rate of children living in poverty, Dallas County has the highest rate in the state with 29% of its youth living below the poverty line and many of them are experiencing persistent childhood poverty in which they will live under the poverty line for at least half of their childhood. As rent and housing prices continue to rise in Dallas, it is becoming ever more difficult for the 79% of the 84,039 extremely low-income households that pay more than half of their income to housing. At North Dallas High School (NDHS) 96% of the students are economically disadvantage, housing insecure and/or homeless and attend a school that according to Children at Risk's 2017 school ranking report is ranked 208th out of 216 high schools in North Texas with an F rating, and a 69.3 percent graduation rate. Living situations vary from motels, shelters, doubling and tripling up, to Section 8 and HUD housing, but for all of these families housing insecurity is cause for much stress and concern. Many of these families are one paycheck, sickness, or accident away from being on the street and often times fall through the cracks due to a lack of being identified. Incarnation House offers a safe place for the youth of these families to come after school, build relationships with caring adults and peers, filling the disparity gaps, and broadening their expectations, in hopes of providing a pathway out of poverty.