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Inclusive Communities Project

The Inclusive Communities Project (ICP) is a not-for-profit organization that works for the creation and maintenance of thriving racially and economically inclusive communities, expansion of fair and affordable housing opportunities for low income families, and redress for policies and practices that perpetuate the harmful effects of discrimination and segregation. ICP's Mobility Assistance Program (MAP) works to insure that families are made aware of and have access to high quality rental housing in lower poverty, higher opportunity areas of Dallas, Collin, Denton, Tarrant, Rockwall, Ellis and Kaufman counties. MAP is committed to providing the families with whom they work a wide range of services, including housing search assistance and counseling designed to help them access good schools, safe neighborhoods, employment, and healthy environments.
The clients with whom ICP's Mobility Assistance Program (MAP) counselors work are very-low and extremely-low income housing choice voucher (HCV) holders, a vast majority of whom are families with children. MAP provides housing search and move-related financial assistance for its clients as they attempt to access safer, well-resourced neighborhoods with higher performing schools. MAP's move-related financial assistance often comes in the form of application fee and security deposit support, both of which tend to cost more in higher opportunity neighborhoods. Landlord incentive bonuses to participate in the HCV program are also available when appropriate. Additionally, MAP assists with special situations to lend an extra hand to families who face particular challenges during the year (ex., fires, certain health-related challenges, etc.).