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Irving Art Association

Our mission is to provide educational opportunities through programming, lectures, workshops, classes, critiques, awards and scholarships in the visual arts in the City of Irving,
The Irving Art Association is requesting sponsors for our children's programming and for assistance with the purchase of two large display cabinets. This year IAA will offer art instruction for 240 children between the ages of 7 and 13. Art mediums taught are mask making, sketching, painting, printmaking and 3D ornament making. A donation of $10 for art supplies will allow us to purchase basic art supplies for 1 student to use in class and take home with them after the class is over. The goal is to provide them with the opportunity to create more art on their own. A donation of $20 will purchase art supplies for 2 students. We would also like to offer matching funds for 6 donations of $30 which will enable IAA to provide 1 scholarship for a student to attend each of the 12 classes offered. Children and Adult artists love to display their artwork and with over 22 exhibits each year IAA is able to provide that opportunity for 2D works of art. However, today we have no place to securely display 3D artwork and sculpture. One of IAA's goals is to purchase 2 large display cases which will allow us to do this. The cost for 1 glass cabinet measuring 48.0" x 76.0" is approximately $1,200. We are asking for 12 donations of $200. in order to make this purchase. IAA also offers FREE Basic Art classes for adults. Some of the mediums taught are drawing, painting, printmaking, calligraphy, paper arts, fiber arts, and digital photography. There is absolutely no cost for this instruction or the supplies and is offered as part of our mission to provide educational opportunities for our community. We exhibit at the Jaycee Center for the Arts, Irving Arts Center, and West Irving Library and our Corporate Arts Appreciation Programs provides opportunities for members to display artwork at Baylor, Scott & White Hospital, and several retirement communities in Irving. Thank you for helping us provide art education to our community.
Irving Art Association