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It's a Sensory World!

To provide a safe, affordable, and multi-sensory educational, recreational and therapeutic services for children of all abilities and their families
In order to keep within our mission of providing affordable services to our families, our tuition is below cost and pays for about 65% of our program expenses. Fundraising is critical to cover the remaining 35% (~$200,000) in program expenses. In addition, funds are required for creating a special room for children to calm down when experiencing sensory overload and a hands-on-tasks curriculum which works on critical life-skills. We need special therapists to consult with our teachers so that we can customize the intervention for each student. We would also like to continue providing supplemental services such as music and art which have been tremendously beneficial to our students this year. Your contribution will ensure that our students experience school success for the very first time, receive quality recreational services that bridge the gap between therapy and mainstream sports or even help a small group of our special students make friends for the very first time! It's a Sensory World! is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing educational, recreational and therapeutic services for children of all abilities with a focus especially on those with Autism, Down syndrome, Communication and Sensory Processing Disorders, and other special needs. We are not a school, nor are we a therapy center, but a special place where education, recreation, and therapy are combined in ways uniquely suited to each child so that they can reach their full potential, and prepare for a more fully engaged participation in mainstream activities. Regardless of the program, they are enrolled in - be it ISW Academy (our flagship school program), Acceptional Sports (our recreational sports program), InterActive Kids (our social skills program), or any other individual or group class - each student makes progress. We are able to accomplish this because of our highly trained teachers, low student to teacher ratios and multi-disciplinary approach.
ISW Board of Directors