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Journey 4ward

Journey 4ward's mission is to educate and bring awareness to our community to work in unity to reduce gun violence by collaborating with our community and community leaders to implement programs, activities and events that focus on the prevention of gun violence. We will be an advocate for sustaining a community culture of nonviolence. Outreach: Journey 4ward will respond to the emotional needs of families and support them through the cycle of grief that comes with losing a family member to violence. We will be a resource to families of murder victims, directing them to resources and aid when possible. We will provide a network of mothers, fathers, siblings and children who can support and encourage one another. Journey 4ward will promote the best available practices and strategies to educate and mentor our community to utilize conflict resolution skills so that altercations will not quickly escalate into a tragedy.
Currently Journey 4ward is raising funds for our Youth Impact Workshops. These events provide education to our youth on the consequences of gun violence and how to be an advocate against gun violence. The workshops are held several times a year and will reach thousand of children in the DFW area. Lessons are taught by professional educators and allow the youth the opportunity to let us know what they think about gun violence in our community. The youth walk away with ways they can help stop gun violence and be a voice in the community.