Raised for Nonprofits


JourneyFEST seeks to inspire families of children with special needs to know that there is hope in every situation; to support, educate, and encourage families of children with special needs; to promote a philosophy of children with special needs not just surviving but also having a life worth living, even if medical devices must be used in order to accomplish normal day to day activities; to educate medical professionals regarding the importance of supporting families of children with special needs; to enrich the lives of children with special needs; to empower the community to connect with families with special needs children in order to promote understanding of the special needs life; to empower families to look outside of their own issues in order to support other families with special needs children; and to encourage a sense of community among families with children with special needs.
JourneyFEST plans many events per year for special needs families, and all of these events cost something. We do park days, moms' nights out, Fall parties, and trips to the Zoo and Arboretum. We also fill bags with goodies and necessities and deliver them to families whose children have been hospitalized. If there is a family in need, we provide a meal or a gas card. All of these things help families to live a happier, more 'easy' life!