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JTC X-Change, Inc.

The Mission is to meet the needs of underprivileged youth through the art of mentorship programs and to provide opportunities to help restore hope and promote prosperity.
Our entire Board & staff is composed of volunteers. Currently the Organization rely on individual donors who believe in the vision and share similar passions. Due to the high rate of divorce, loss wages, incarceration and other unfortunate circumstances, the need is constantly increasing. Our current financial status in many ways limit our outreach. Established in 2009, JTC X-Change, Inc. is an organization that accepts the challenge to bridge the gap for our youth and provide a supportive environment to meet the needs of the family. For the past two years JTC has extended its resources to Mentoring the fathers, sons, brothers & family members who have fallen prey to this system. Incarceration is becoming more and more of a reality for many of our youth and their families. Monies are needed to cover monthly travel costs to and from these facilities. In 2016 due to limited funds, the Organization chose to close it's physical doors and shift those funds to more critical needs. The Organization now operates through a P.O. Box. However, JTC is still on the move. They understand the need for our youth to have a safe environment to receive, educational support, encouragement, and positive reinforcement. Continuing our, Girls on Fire, summer enrichment camp is still very much requested and needed. Our vision in the future is to establish additional youth camps that will offer outlets for the youth who have parents that are incarcerated.