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Kathlyn Joy Gilliam Museum

The Kathlyn Joy Gilliam Museum is housed in the actual home of the late Kathlyn Joy Gilliam which has been designated a City of Dallas historical landmark. The Museum honors the legacy of Mrs. Gilliam who was one of Dallas' greatest, most courageous civil rights leaders and a champion for boys and girls. She fought and won many battles that literally changed not only Dallas, but the entire nation in the areas of education, justice and political empowerment for African-Americans. She fought fearlessly to shape a better and brighter future for generations of youth and was a champion for both civil rights and education who represented the South Dallas community with dignity and pride. The Museum serves as a tribute to an icon who helped make a difference in many lives. The Museum's mission -- Provide a safe, inspiring environment where community members can build a solid educational foundation for students of all ages; Develop community and business leaders for generations to come by offering debate team training for elementary school age students and reading programs; Share and display Mrs. Gilliam's awards, books, writings, and photos to inspire others; Create a place for teaching and learning that will train others to practice Mrs. Gilliam's strategies for creating exceptional learning opportunities for youth; Teach and empower the community to renew its greatness and pursue new avenues of development; Engage adults and youth to serve their community; and Continue to provide community service in the fashion that Mrs. Gilliam provided.
Thank you for considering our current needs which include but are not limited to the following: Facility Upkeep/Operating Expenses; Paved Driveway; Permanent Digital Exhibits; Internet/WiFi Connection; Five Laptop Computers; Sound System throughout Museum.