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Kids Who Care

Kids Who Care produces creative and confident kids through musical theatre education, performance, and leadership opportunities. We create a place where the child is cherished and we accomplish our mission because; Everything we do starts with Leadership. We value the Artistic Integrity of Kids. We promote Excellence in Artistic Development. We seek Financial and Cultural Diversity. We teach an Ensemble mindset. Mutual Respect between all ages is expected. We produce Original Works designed to change the world!
We believe it is essential to develop leaders at an early age who desire to be stakeholders of our future. Each year for the last 20 years, kids ages 2nd grade through University, have attended attend Kids Who Care's KidPower Leadership Training in preparation for serving on the summer KidPower Leadership Team. This leadership team works alongside professional staff to create the management structure for three summer theatre camps. Kids who participate in KidPower Leadership are visibly different from their peers. They look you in the eye. They shake hands with a firm grip. They engage in conversation and they are comfortable with all ages. They are leaders in their schools and communities. KidPower Leadership training creates a cohesive management team ages 8-24 who are essential to the successful operation of 3 Musical Theatre Camps. This Team creates goals and action plans that speak to Vision, Encouragement, Role Models, Visibility and Efficiency and will create an camp experience that meets the needs and expectations of the young artists who attend. Kids Who Care's corporate longevity will be assured through the development of alumni who will assume important Staff and leadership roles in the future. Kids raised in the KidPower system have the corporate culture and values instilled in them at an early age, which is essential to maintain the integrity of the original vision of the organization. Training is provided at no cost to all KidPower leaders and Volunteers. Training is essential as it shares our culture, identifies responsibilities, defines expectations for job performance, clarifies characteristics of role models, teaches fiscal responsibility and allows time to practice new skills before implementation. The skills learned are relevant to their lives and completely applicable for any future career. This training is provided at no charge to the student leaders but at an annual expense of $56,606 to Kids Who Care. Support specific to covering the training expenses is needed.