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Kindred Foundation

It is the Kindred Foundation's mission to serve and support underprivileged youth in sports and arts initiatives; to establish and open a dedicated shelter to house transgendered misplaced persons, provide access to basic necessities (meals, clothing, and toiletries); provide access to training and professional and personal development; and provide mental health transitional housing and case management services.
The Kindred Foundation seeks a grant of $300,000 for support of one or more of our community initiatives. Our initiatives are very much aligned with the Foundation's goals in homelessness, LGBT equality, child enrichment, and mental health services. The project for which we request funds will make a difference in the lives of youth, transgender individuals as well as persons suffering from mental illness in the following ways: - Mental Health Housing and Case Management Services - Transgender Persons Housing (establish and open a dedicated shelter) - Access to Basic Necessities (provide access to meals, clothing, and toiletries) - Training & Professional Development - Underprivileged youth sports and arts initiatives Our approach is rooted in a 'Housing First' or housing with support philosophy. - We believe homelessness is a solvable problem. - Our work is centered around the needs of the diverse individuals and families we serve. - We work in partnership with the community, service providers and government to achieve our strategic goals and objectives. - We ensure housing options are affordable, safe, adequate and accessible. - Our plan and work is shaped by local demographics, circumstances, challenges and opportunities. - We are neighborhood based and provide housing and deliver services within neighborhoods. - We provide inclusive, respectful services to support the individuals and families we serve. - We are fiscally responsible. - We are focused on measuring results and achieving positive outcomes. These initiatives are an ongoing effort and will take approximately $300,000 to fund annually. We expect the following concrete results: - Provide resources to fund 50 underprivileged youth per year in sports and arts initiatives - Provide assistance and transitional housing to approximately 60 homeless Transgender persons annually - Annually provide social welfare support and transitional housing to approximately 60 individuals suffering from mental illness