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Leadership ISD

Providing every child with a high-quality education is among our most important responsibility as a community. Educational attainment is an incredibly consequential factor in determining whether children will reach their full potential as healthy, self-sufficient adults. In our region, some students get a great education but others do not. The failure to meet this responsibility for all of our students further exacerbates social and racial inequities in our society and jeopardizes our community's ability to compete in a global marketplace. FROM CIVIC APATHY TO CIVIC RENEWAL Public Education is one of our country's greatest acts of self-government, yet many community members are shut out of the process. Our failure to collectively and continuously engage in public problem solving has robbed many students of the opportunities a quality education should have afforded. The work to transform our schools should be led by a large and diverse corps of citizen advocates. Leadership ISD forges connections between people from every walk of life to create vibrant local democracies with the collective capacity to drive the creation of stronger, more equitable schools in every community. The enduring aspect of our work is not the programs themselves, but the capacity for change that they build the knowledge, skills, identities, and relationships-that will sustain civic engagement long after a Fellowship ends. The distinct levers we use to achieve this goal are cultivating effective school board governance by building and empowering an informed electorate and advocating for policies, practices, and resource allocations that support measurable outcomes for all students. Leadership ISD connects community leaders to shape policy, lead strategically, and champion change. It will take all of us to transform education so that every child has the opportunity to reach their boldest dreams.
Leadership ISD's goal is to be the premier civic development program for, and source of, highly effective civic leaders influencing public education and all levels. In order to; 1. Champion pubic educational excellence and equity for all students. 2. Provide an informed and optimistic voice to all levels of the conversation about student success. 3. Create a pipeline of informed and prepared leaders to serve on community college and public school boards. 4. Support and amplify campus-based advocacy supporting effective campus culture, equity, college and career readiness, and family partnership in education. We need funding in three areas to support our goals for student success in North Texas. 1. Support for our 10-Month Civic Voices Fellowship Program to create civic capacity and strategic leadership. 2. Support our campus based Fellowships for students, parents, and educators so their voices are heard and they are equipped to advocate for issues that affect them most. 3. Support our growing network of Leadership ISD Alumni in North Texas by funding additional training in governance, equity, policy, and advocacy so they can mobilize and influence education transformation at the local and state levels.

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