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Learning Paradigm

Located in Dallas Texas, the mission of The Learning Paradigm is to leverage strategic partnerships and resources to support organizations, programs, and initiatives that focus on the social-emotional aspects of child development for individuals with special needs.
The Learning Paradigm was founded on the principles of ensuring appropriate and accurate child development programs in our communities. As one of the only organizations to provide mentor opportunities for children with special needs in the southern sector of Dallas through sports, such as soccer and baseball, we are asking your support to help us expand these programs into recreation centers that lack the support and sometimes trained staff for those families of children with special needs to be involved. All children deserve a chance to feel they belong and are a part of something great. That is exactly what our TOPSoccer and All-Stars Baseball leagues provide. Families of our Within Reach Mentor Program have reported an 89% increase in their child's social-emotional growth. Our programs have proven beneficial in helping to expose our children to everyday activities that provide a sense of normalcy and contribute to higher self-esteem and the child's ability to recognize their strengths and abilities within themselves. In just over a year in operation, we have experienced a rapid growth in the number of kids we serve. With a retention rate of 74% for our sports leagues, families are becoming more aware that programs such as ours are available for their children in their communities. This means more partnerships with recreations and community facilities, more staff, more volunteers, more uniforms/equipment and an increase in transportation needs. Simply put, serving more children with special needs requires more funds. When our community invests in our children, they are helping to break stigmas about children with special needs, helping to give these children a chance to gain skills to become independent individuals, and most importantly helping our underserved communities have resources, programs, and initiatives such as ours that are accessible to support our children with special needs!