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Lee Park & Arlington Hall Conservancy

The mission of the Conservancy is the continued conservation, preservation and thoughtful development and maintenance of Lee Park and Arlington Hall. We recognize the role of the Conservancy in bringing accessibility and connectivity to the Katy Trail and to the Turtle Creek Corridor so the Park and Hall can be enjoyed those close by as well as by all of the citizens of Dallas.
We would like to add benches and two WPA-style picnic tables to Lee Park East where the park links to the Katy Trail and where restored historic playing courts were opened last year; a topographic survey, grading and trails are needed for Lee Park South--the 5 acre parcel of natural land in the heart of the city that comprises part of the 20 acre park. Funding for additional plaques to add historic context to the park is needed. We are also looking for funding to help us light more trees for all citizens of Dallas to enjoy for Light Up Lee Park in December.
Does not want to be publicized.