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Life Long Rescue

Our mission is to keep cats and dogs out of overcrowded shelters where they are at risk for disease and euthanasia and to provide care for them (including medical care) in a healthy environment until they are adopted into a responsible, loving, life-long home.
Many of the cats and dogs that come to us are very ill due to abandonment or neglect. The cost of veterinarian care can quickly add up, but is necessary to prepare them for successful adoption. Funds raised today will help to ensure that each dog or cat can quickly get the medical care he or she needs. Tucker, a very young puppy, was found abandoned in a field and was near death. He was covered in fleas, anemic from the flea infestation, had sarcoptic mange and was battling intestinal parasites. We rushed him to the veterinarian clinic where he was treated. His treatment was expensive, but well worth it for such a happy outcome (see his pictures below). He was adopted to a loving home where he will live a full and healthy life. Funds raised today will allow us to provide the same level of love and care to each dog or cat that we rescue.