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Living Only Love Sanctuary

Living Only Love Sanctuary is a spiritual community whose members come from a variety of faiths & walks of life, but who have chosen to join consciously in order to love and serve our world as one. We hold classes Monday through Thursday to teach transformation through love and ignite a desire to serve others within the hearts of the participants. In addition, we are actively involved in a variety of service projects within our community which include backpacks containing daily necessities for those living on the streets, providing meals at local homeless shelters, Christmas for homeless children, green initiatives in both Dallas and Fort Worth, and big feed projects for starving children in third world countries. Earth is our home and we all recognize that we can and must do better. Never has the world needed what we wish to offer more than NOW. Never have our hearts longed to serve more than they do NOW. It is our most heartfelt desire to leave a legacy of LOVE and kinship for all future generations. It is our privilege to serve you.
Our Wish List includes: * A permanent home for Living Only Love Sanctuary. * Funds to help us increase our ability to serve the DFW community and our world. In-kind or Financial Contributions for: - Children & Teens: blankets, books & art sets, first aid & medicines, toys, winter coats, winter scarf, hat & glove sets. - Adults: backpacks, blankets, socks, underwear, winter coats, winter scarf, hat & glove sets. - General Items: 5 x 7 legal pads, bar soap, brush/comb, bug spray, chapstick, dental floss, deodorant, ear plugs, envelopes, food packs (snack bars), rain ponchos, shampoo/conditioner, shaving razors (disposable), sunscreen, tampons & pads, toothbrushes, toothpaste, towels, umbrellas, U.S. postal stamps, washcloths, water bottles, writing pens, zip-lock gallon size bags. To support our classes and meditation retreats and to provide a home-base for our community projects our needs include: - A system for recording class and talks to be made available on our website. - A video conferencing service for online classes for multiple participants. - Kindles for class and meditation retreat participants. As we search for more ways to live 'green' we no longer use paper for class lessons but send them to each person's kindle. However, we have members who cannot afford to purchase a Kindle and a donation of kindles would help all students to fully participate in this regard. - Establish a scholarship fund for those who wish to participate in our various programs, but lack the funds to do so. - 2 USB 3.0 WiFi adapters that support 802.11b/g/n/ac - A USB Hub with at least 4 ports, that supports USB 3.0 - An industrial kitchen & tools, equipped to cook on a large scale to expand our work to serve healthy food to the homeless.
Barbara Mauck, Leslie Thomson, Remington Pohlmeyer, Shoragim Amir, Susana Acosta, Elizabeth Acosta, Alicia Acosta, Elena Walsh, Jackie McCalla, Sharifa McCalla, Beverly Thompson, Jacquie Brown, Nvidia, Jody Sheets, Gretchen Weber, Shavon Gilchrest, Michelle Howard, Sarah Collins, Rose Wright, & Pam Luttrell.