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Maison Alexander Support Group Inc.

The Maison Alexander Support Group Inc. is a nonprofit organization that specializes in assisting neonatal families in need during their time in the NICU. MASG INC. understands the NICU journey can be overwhelming. MASG INC. provides the following FREE programs: "NICU Buddy" & "Pump, Eat & Sleep"; in addition to gas cards, food cards, premature clothing, infant items, and additional searches for different venues to provide for the families in need. Our mission statement is simple: We are here to help, serve & inform. Currently, we serve both local and nation wide communities by funding gas/food cards and infant (preemie) items. We have been established since February 2014. MASG INC. has been working hard to grow and make our presents known with not just NICU families, but also hospitals and neonatal specialist across the world. On social media, we serve a range of 99-1500 families with information on breastfeeding, pumping, 'Did You Know' NICU facts, Kangaroo Care, 'Bringing Baby Home', online sales with other neonatal promotional's and products, post regarding other families and their current journey's, our current projects and overall prayers of encouragement. We take heart in our services and desire to help others. In fact, not only have we inspired others to do what we do, but we are the first to get started and we are the only NICU support group of genera within Dallas TX.
Financial support is essential to serving neonatal families that request assistance during their extended stay in the hospital. Due to preeclampsia, pregnancy difficulties, or additional complications, families have to take additional time off or is not able to return to work immediately (which also leads to official unemployment for the mommy or both parents). Donors are imperative and needed as we continue to make a difference not just in our area, but across the world in the NICU community. We need donors to help with assisting families during their extended stay in the hospital.