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Make Art with Purpose (MAP)

Founded on the belief that artists have the knowledge and skills to make positive, lasting environmental and social change, MAP exists to make a constructive contribution to education, social justice, climate change, world health, immigration and other issues that are shaping the world. MAP produces collaborative, artist-led projects that use the arts as a tool to addresss social and environmental concerns. MAP projects include communities as partners in the production of the work, directly engage the audience to participate beyond the role of passive observer and involves creative collaboration from museums, schools, government, business, NGOs and other partners.
Funds raised through Giving Day will be used to support the AMPLIFY. With this project we aim to engage and empower people and their voices, providing space and know how for the expression of thoughts, ideas and experiences connected to the many diverse people and cultures that live in the greater DFW area. Writing and image making workshops taught by bi-lingual writers and artists will ultimately lead the participants to co-create a bi-lingual publication that includes compelling visual and written stories about their lives and neighborhoods. The publications will be distributed at libraries, book stores, community centers and published on-line. They will include text in English Spanish, Arabic, Farsi, and Mandarin. AMPLIFY will also include leadership workshops centered on learning tools for community engagement and how to build and strengthen community-based organizations with the goal of increasing participation in the civil sector. The leadership workshops are central to this program, for when people are invested to share their voice and to participate in society there is increased opportunity for empowerment and healing. The participants will be given an honorarium for taking part in the project and there will be a parallel, free youth arts education program for participants needing childcare.