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Marshall's Dream

The Marshall's Dream Non-Profit Organization serves as a medium between education and society, we relentlessly strive to make positive change in the lives of children and families on a daily basis. We provide college grants, in-home financial support, learning technologies, athletic equipment and sports training for students from all backgrounds. We believe each child has the potential to change the world and Marshall's Dream was created to make this potential visible and beneficial for each child involved within the Marshall's Dream Non-Profit Organization.
Currently our organization is in need of approximately $15,000 in contributions in order to fulfill the balance of our forecasted gifts for the year; specifically, to fulfill scholarships, grants, basic necessities and critical in-home financial support for families. We also need about 2,500 to further develop a more sophisticated volunteer base and effective marketing collateral. Core programs and services: Marshall Students (Tutoring, mentoring and Grant/Scholarship Program.) The Denise Project (Shelter, housing and grocery services and donations.) Marcus and Michael Sports Movement (Athletic training camps and apparel donations to disadvantaged youth.) All of Marshall's Dream services and programs are free of charge for all students, families and surrounding communities to take full advantage of. Currently all programs are funded by small scale fundraising and board member contributions. Contributions are needed. Thank you for your support, and we pledge that with every donation Marshall's Dream will utilize its personnel, abilities and resources to advance children and families in the Dallas Fort-Worth Area. DFWAREAKIDS¬