Raised for Nonprofits


The mission of Medisend College of Biomedical Engineering Technology is to provide high-quality, intensive education and training that prepares graduates for professional careers as biomedical technicians. School objectives include providing detailed training in all technologies utilized in modern medical facilities, as well as emphasizing the critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills essential to participating effectively in healthcare technology management teams.
MediSend's current need is for funding to provide greater numbers of our returning veterans transitioning back into civilian life with the training to secure job placement. The General Richard B. Myers Veterans Program offers these deserving young people a secure financial future in a career that presents a lifetime of opportunity while simultaneously placing well-trained professionals into the US healthcare system. "We all share a commitment to repay our veterans for their honorable service with the future they deserve. The Program is an investment in the future for individuals who have served their country and protected our security both here and abroad," says General Myers.