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Mercy For Paws

Our mission is to help dogs who have been dumped on the side of the road to fend for themselves, or who were dumped in a shelter and suddenly find themselves on the euthanization list, or those that have been neglected,, abused, abandoned, or just left to die. Our mission is to show and prove our unconditional love for each one while trying to earn their trust and respect but most importantly providing each one with a loving, safe, and secure home they each deserve. Our goal is to always provide a safe environment. We strive to work with each one in our home with the prayer that they will soon find their forever with a family and home to call their own.
Our biggest need are materials to build a temp controlled facility to house the dogs which would allow us the room to also save more dogs in need. Currently we are housing all of our rescues inside of our home. Although it is a great deal of work to keep the house clean it is better than them being outside in this heat. The ideal facility would house anywhere from 50-100 dogs at one time. The facility does not have to be state of the art or fancy but it does need to be functional and safe for all of the dogs. Would also need to protect them from the elements of the weather. Keep them cool in the summer and warm in the winter. A facility would be a dream come true. We are always in need of dog food, bowls for water and food, swimming pools, toys (preferably Kong toys) crates and crate bottoms, nail trimmers, cleaning supplies, monthly flea/tick prevention, towels, blankets, and any and all supplies one may need to care for a rescue. YI dome security cameras w/ two way audio.