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Mercy Heart

Mercy Heart is a leading network of churches dedicated to partnering with families finding life beyond incarceration. Mercy Heart provides programs of intervention and reconciliation to ex-offenders and their families in efforts to restore families and reduce national recidivism rates.
There is a need is to stop the generational pull of crime, create safe communities and reduce the drain on public resources. We believe this can be done by engaging the Church (the Faith community) and equipping her to help restore broken families impacted by incarceration and high recidivism. Mercy Heart understands that many pastors and churches lack the training, curriculum, and budget to start ministering to the families of inmates. We have provided 45+ videos dedicated to training staff, leadership and volunteers of churches. In addition, we have an ever-increasing digital library of lessons to minister to the families. Churches will have unlimited access to every training, resource, and curriculum we have now and in the future. Our current goal is to be able to give this ministry to 100 churches at no charge for the first year.
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