Raised for Nonprofits


Metro Relief combats poverty, homelessness and addiction in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The Metro Relief bus is a mobile nexus for the homeless community, providing essential support to help people get off the streets. We retrofit school buses into mobile resource centers that go directly those in our community who are most vulnerable, lonely and hurt. Week after week, rain or shine, the Metro Relief bus, along with our dedicated staff and volunteers, meet the homeless right on sidewalks, under bridges and outside of shelters with one simple message: We love you. You are not alone. Tomorrow can be a better day. We provide meals, new socks, toiletries, and much needed connections to community resources on each of our inner-city outreaches. Even more importantly, we consistently visit the same places, offering compassionate hearts and listening ears, so we can build relationships that allow us to help people in ways beyond their immediate needs. For people with addiction problems, we have recovery coaches on staff that can walk with them through the process of beating their addiction. In 2016 alone, we made contact with over 18,000 people, all with the goal of offering hope and the resources to those in need. Metro Relief is changing the inner cities of Dallas and Ft. Worth by transforming the lives of the homeless. This change can begin with you and your choice to give on NTX GIVING DAY 2017.
Our Needs We plan to use your donations to provide for the physical needs of homeless and addicted people in DFW. Most of our staff fundraise their own salaries, so a very large portion of every dollar contributed goes directly toward helping our friends on the streets. We can provide a cup of soup, clean socks and personal hygiene products for around $3 per person. Fueling the bus for an outreach trip costs about $38. Because of generous donations of socks and food, we don't have to purchase everything we use for the mission. However, we still plan to spend over $40,000 on the bus outreaches during 2017. We need your support to continue and expand our mission in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.