Raised for Nonprofits


MiniEncounters, a recognized public charity 501(c)3, wants to share our love of Miniature horses with a visit to anyone that is confined to a rehab, nursing home, extended care facility, hospice care, home bound and veterans. Our minis are trained to come into any of these facilities and make everyone feel special. The minis have participated in animal assisted therapy and pet visitation sessions. We have been doing these visits since 2010 and have served many. We became a non profit in 2013 and have been able to grow our program due to the kindness of our donors and volunteers. Do you need a miniencounter?
We are currently looking for corporate sponsors that encourage employees to volunteer for non profits...does your employer do this? This may be a one time project of on a regular basis. Visa or other major gift cards to use for vet care, specific horse feeds, or other needs. Sponsoring a visits to one of your loved ones to a facility where they are or in memory. We also promote reading, any large print books are appreciated by the facilities we visit.