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Mollie's Cat Place

At Mollie's Cat Place we believe every cat deserves a life, no matter what their age or adoptability status. We provide a permanent home for senior cats and cats with health conditions that make them unadoptable. Our cats receive love, food, shelter and whatever veterinary care that they need to insure a long and happy life. We are committed to providing the highest possible quality of life by giving our cats access to the outdoors in a natural, safe environment.
Mollie's Cat Place is a lifetime, cageless, indoor-outdoor sanctuary for senior cats and cats with health issues such as FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) and FeLV (Feline Leukemia). We rescue cats who are scheduled for euthanasia at shelters due to age or health conditions, and give them a permanent home and the love and veterinary care that they need Our cats are not caged; they live in specially constructed cabins with plenty of perches and vertical space. We strive to provide our cats with the highest quality of life, and we believe, to achieve that, cats need to be able to go outside and explore their surroundings in a natural environment. We enclosed several acres with a cat fence so that, during the day, our cats can run and play outside and still be safe. Maintaining this fence has become an ongoing job, but we believe it is necessary for our cats' wellbeing. Many of the cats we rescue from shelters have immediate medical needs, and many of our cats have conditions that require ongoing veterinary treatment. An example is Sophie, a 22 year old Siamese mix who was surrendered to a shelter by her owners. She had a large tumor or her leg, a cyst on her back and several smaller masses on other parts of her body. We rescued her, took her to our vet, and after two surgeries, she is healthy and living a full life. As would be expected for a sanctuary that takes in older cats and cats with health issues, our biggest expense is veterinary bills, and some important surgeries need to be postponed due to lack of funding. Other necessary expenses are for food and litter, and maintenance of over 1000 feet of cat fence.