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Momentous Institute

Momentous Institute's mission is helping transform children's futures creating new possibilities for success. Owned and operated by Salesmanship Club of Dallas since 1920, we work to build and repair social emotional health in children and family members who experience toxic stress due to poverty or trauma. Over the past 97 years, our goal has been to create transformational change for children and families through the implementation of innovative, evidence-based programming. We are deeply concerned about the widening achievement gap between children from affluent versus poverty-stricken communities, the impact of poverty on education and the growing mental health needs of children that remain unmet. We directly serve approximately 6,000 children and family members annually through mental health and educational programming and expand our reach through training and research for thousands of education and mental health professionals locally and nationally.
Building Social Emotional Health in all Children Chronic childhood adversity is now understood to be far more prevalent than researchers have imagined. The Adverse Childhood Experiences: National and State Level Prevalence study conducted by ChildTrends in 2014 revealed that in Texas, nearly 50% of children ages 0 to 17 experience one or more Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE), with economic hardship, divorce, living with a parent who has a substance abuse problem or mental illness leading the charge. Nearly one in eight children have experienced three or more adverse life events associated with levels of stress that can be particularly damaging to their physical and mental health (Sacks et al., 2014). Momentous Institute exists to address this need. Having provided wide access to Therapeutic Services for our most vulnerable population for decades, our Therapeutic Services team integrates neuroscience with innovative practices in our work with children and family members. Seasoned therapists involve the whole family and focus on the strengths of each client and family rather than their limitations or diagnosis. To help educators strengthen social emotional health in the children they serve, we deploy teams of education and mental health trainers that equip education professionals with the skills and knowledge to integrate trauma-sensitive practices into their curricula. Since the launch of our new training efforts, we have been inundated with requests and are no longer able to meet the demand. We believe that every child has the fundamental right to social emotional health and academic success; thus, we are seeking additional funding to allow tens of thousands of children in our community and across the country to reach their potential.