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Momentum Texas Inc

Growing entrepreneurs and building communities with a primary focus on empowering veterans who wish to start or grow a business by providing them free entrepreneurship training to increase their chances of success.
Veterans returning from deployment face a high unemployment rate and many are interested in starting a business. Momentum Texas Inc seeks funding for entrepreneurship training for veterans who wish to start or grow a business. DFW programs include four one-day veteran entrepreneurship "boot camps" and three five day "Jump Start Your Business" series. The boot camps feature four business experts speaking on management, marketing, and money . The five Saturday Jump Start Your Business series uses a curriculum developed by the Kaufman Foundation. Based on the experience of MTI one hundred and thirty DFW veterans will attend the seven workshops. About half of the one hundred and thirty will decide that entrepreneurship is not for them at this time. This is a good outcome. This outcome is because MTI provides veterans the unvarnished truth about what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur and informs them regarding what they need to do to get ready for entrepreneurship. Based on past data, 25% of the remaining sixty-five veterans will take action to start a business or add a job to their business, making the initial impact subsequent to training 17 new jobs with more positive impact over time. In conclusion, entrepreneurship training benefits veterans and military families by empowering them to secure employment, generate income, and build wealth.