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Mothers' Milk Bank of North Texas

Mothers' Milk Bank of North Texas (MMBNT) strives to improve the health and survival of premature and critically ill infants through the safe provision of pasteurized donor human milk. Medically needy babies receive safe donor breastmilk by physician prescription when their own mother's milk isn't available. Donor milk has become the standard of care in most NICUs, prevents life-threatening complications and provides invaluable immunological benefits. Donor mothers are screened through medical histories and blood tests. They selflessly donate the extra breastmilk their own babies don't need to help the most fragile in our population. Since 2004, MMBNT has dispensed more than 3 million ounces to over 110 hospitals from more than 6,000 donors. In 2016, MMBNT processed 564,055 ounces.
Financial gifts support the milk bank's charitable care fund and expand the reach of services to the sickest babies in our community. Babies receive donor milk based on medical need, not the family's ability to pay processing fees.