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Mentors Care

Mentors Care mission is to connect at-risk high school students with positive volunteer adults willing to mentor providing practical and encouraging support resulting in better grades, better life choices and a better life.
We have just completed our 8th yr. We get better and grow every year! This program works and is changing lives!! Our need is to follow the vision that we have this program in every high school in Texas, but we need financial partners. We need to hire qualified caring coordinators to work within the high school along with teachers and administrators. This coordinator also works closely with the community to recruit, train and equip loving caring adults from the community to mentor an at-risk high school student. The coordinator would then work everyday within the school to insure the student and mentor meet every week. Through the meetings of mentors with students, awareness could be made of why the student struggles with lack of food, homeless, etc. The coordinator would then connect the student with community assistance. We exist to help students stay in school, give them hope and paint a picture of a great future.