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Music Is Our Weapon is a Texas-based 501(c )3 organization whose mission to provide a sustainable source of music in all health care environments. We equip caregivers with the tools and support necessary to serve those in need with access to the music they love. Currently, our services primarily reside in Memory Care Communities, but we look to spread our program to other corners of care such as PTSD, Autism, Mental Health, etc. Our program largely hinges off of new age tools and technology that provide access to the history of music anywhere. Tablets and online music streaming services give us the ability to tailor music to every individual. With the help of caregivers and family, we look to discover preferred music genres, musicians, songs, albums as well as stories connected with this music. Our goal is to provide a carefully curated music collection that is sentimental to an individual's heart and past. Personalized playlists are utilized to enhance cognitive development and increase emotional care in these environments.
Our current needs primarily revolve around funds to purchase devices such as smartphones, tablets, headphones and streaming music services. These device suites are tool-kits for volunteers, caregivers and family members to implement personal music as a form of care to those fighting for their lives. Placing these devices in the hands of individuals who are able to create the most impact is our top priority. Sustainability and research are also very important and these devices will allow for those implementing personal music as care an effective streamlined approach.

Music is Our Weapon Combats Alzheimer's with iPods from Voice Media Group on Vimeo.