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Mutts and Mayhem Animal Rescue, Inc.

Mutts and Mayhem provides a coordinated effort in the response, search, rescue and recovery phases for natural disasters, significant public emergencies and major vehicle collisions involving animals in North Texas. We increase animal discovery and survival by developing and activating local, community-based search teams, providing immediate lifesaving treatment and transport of injured animals, and providing training and continuing education for response team volunteers.
We have grown and accomplished so much as we enter our fourth year of professional emergency search and rescue. We currently need funding for our field rescue operations including high visibility vests for our search volunteers, funding for immediate, life saving veterinary care, dog and cat food, and other necessary supplies. We are always in need of Volunteers and Foster Parents! The valuable service we provide to animals involved in emergency situations is only made possible with adequate funding.
Selena and Glen Schmidt, Chris Dolbee, Brenda Dolbee,