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Nancy Lieberman Charities

Nancy Lieberman Charities is a 501 (c) 3 organization founded in 2009, funded by charitable donations and committed to promoting and developing healthy lifestyles and educational opportunities for young girls and boys. Nancy Lieberman Charities is dedicated to expanding and ensuring that educational and sports opportunities exist for economically disadvantaged youth. Approximately 85% of the students that we serve with our basketball camps, Dream Courts, college scholarships, and school supply programs are from low- to moderate-income families.
Our goal is to be the catalyst for the development of young girls and boys by using sports as a healthy and motivational tool. Nancy Lieberman is dedicated to expanding and ensuring sports opportunities for youth through basketball camps and Dream Courts and increasing their success in school by providing laptops and backpacks. Our objective is to use Nancy Lieberman's basketball abilities and leadership skills to teach young girls and boys not only about basketball fundamentals but also about real-life situations. We want to help youth develop competitive skills, build confidence, self esteem and decision-making skills through teamwork and sports participation.