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Nature's Edge Wildlife and Reptile Rescue

Nature's Edge Wildlife and Reptile Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit wildlife rehabilitation facility and reptile rescue. We are state permitted wildlife rehabilitators and are currently awaiting our federal migratory bird rehabilitation and education permits. We rehab native reptiles, bats and mammals on a limited basis and will help with transport of other wildlife to permitted rehabilitators. We work closely with a local raptor rehabilitator and help condition raptors for release. We are also an exotic reptile rescue and will take in all unwanted pet reptiles and amphibians. All animals that come into our care will receive necessary vet care, treatment, behavior conditioning, etc. Once an animal is deemed healthy and adoptable, it will be placed up for adoption. All potential adopters must show knowledge of species, including proper housing, food, etc., before animals can be adopted. Nature's Edge Wildlife and Reptile Rescue also conducts educational programs in the DFW area. We focus on wildlife conservation, life history, habitat, adaptations and identification. We also provide information on minimizing human wildlife conflicts. Nature's Edge Wildlife and Reptile Rescue does not receive any state or federal funding. We rely solely on tax-deductible donations from the public.
We are in need of monetary donations to help cover costs associated with housing, food, medical supplies, veterinary bills and travel costs associated with the rescue, rehabilitation and release of native wildlife, exotic animals surrendered to our organization as well as education animals. We have purchased an enclosed trailer that is in need of repairs as well as the addition of heating/AC so animals can be transported to and from education programs and adoption events.