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New Hope Cat Rescue and Sanctuary

New Hope Cat Rescue and Sanctuary is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes, more specifically to provide shelter and care for stray, abused, and abandoned cats; to find suitable homes for the cats in its care; and to promote positive community interaction through education, spay-neuter programs (TNR), and other activities that enable people to responsibly enjoy the companionship of cats. New Hope Cat Rescue and Sanctuary recognizes as its core policy that it shall be a no-kill organization, meaning that no cat in its care, either within the shelter premises or the foster system, shall be destroyed except when it has been determined, in accordance with guidelines established from time to time by the Animal Care Team, that such cat is severely suffering, hopelessly ill or injured, or beyond medical treatment. The determination of whether any cat is "beyond medical treatment" shall never be based solely on the cost of such medical treatment.
We used the money donated last year on North Texas Giving Day and a grant from the Helen D. and R.E. Wallace Foundation Fund at North Texas Community Foundation to construct two catios to allow the cats in our rescue to go outside in a safe environment. We are nearing completion of these projects and would like to use whatever money is donated to us this year on North Texas Giving Day to furnish the inside of the catios. We need two portable air conditioning/heating units, several large 6 foot scratching posts, two storage cabinets, elevated pet beds, pod beds, hammocks, food and water bowls, scoopable litter, litter pans, rugs, toys, and cleaning products. We would also like to have an emergency medical fund for sick or injured cats.