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New Horizons Band Dallas

The New Horizons Band - Dallas (NHBD) provides an opportunity for Senior Adults, ages 50 and above, to revisit and/or learn to experience the joy of making music. All persons, from the beginner to the accomplished, who wish to participate are welcome and encouraged to become a part of the NHBD band.
New Horizons Band - Dallas is growing in popularity and the opportunity to serve Seniors and Veterans expanding exponentially. This is How Your Giving for Will Help:: 1. Your Giving will supplement the expenses of Seniors and Veterans with limited incomes; giving them the opportunity to receive the mental, social and therapeutic value of making music in a Concert Band setting. 2. Your Giving will purchase a Portable Sound System with 8 microphones that is versatile enough to accommodate a variety of musical styles and instrument types. 3. Your Giving will purchase set of four (4) tympani drums for the Concert Band. 4. Your Giving will rent space in an Air-Conditioned Rental Storage facility to house our band instruments and other related equipment and music. ****************************** Please let us know how New Horizons Band - Dallas can serve you through one of our four (4) bands: We do not charge for any of our concerts. * Concert Band- Marches, Patriotic, Concert Band and Broadway * UpSwing - Classic Big Band & Dance Band Jazz * DixieSwing - "New Orleans" Style Dixieland Jazz * Dallas Low Brass Choir - Deep Mellow Sounds of Folk and Pop Songs including Seasonal Favorites - Irish and Octoberfest Polkas and Waltzes. Worship Music for Church Worship> WE EXIST TO "GIVE BACK TO YOU" THROUGH MAKING MUSIC! Thank you for Giving and Supporting the Musical Arts of North Texas. Sincerely, The New Horizons Band Dallas Susan Wrenn, President