Raised for Nonprofits

NMV International INC

Our mission is to influence individuals and communities through concrete actions that express a message of peace, justice and love founded in God.
All proceeds received through North Texas Giving Day will be used for the work in North Texas to promote a culture of peace for all. NMV International INC is in need of financial resources to accomplish the following tasks: - Conducting training seminars for work in public schools dealing with - o Bullying o Racism o Domestic violence o Violence in its many expressions - Printing new material for distribution at training seminars - Expanding into working with police, government, community leaders producing "agents of change" that help produce strong communities. - Travel to areas in need of training and seminars. - Current needs also include funding to cover operations-related expenses.

The Palmitano Family - Their NMV Journey from Nomas Violencia on Vimeo.