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North Texas Angels Pageant

"To celebrate individuals with special needs, connect and provide them with resources that can improve their quality of life, increase public awareness and act as a networking and educational hub for strengthening individuals with special needs and their families in North Texas."
Defining what Beauty is really about and allowing our participants with varying abilities to SHINE. The North Texas Angels Pageant is a non-profit organization that hosts a free non-competitive pageant for both males & females with special needs and life threatening illnesses. We are dedicated to enriching lives through providing each angel "RED CARPET" treatment where every participant is a winner. This all-inclusive event provides complimentary registration, attire, professional hair & makeup, photography as well as valet parking at the Eisemann Center for Performing Arts. You can see the vast list of services provided and why we must raise funds for all the North Texas Angels Pageant participants to receive this "RED CARPET" treatment. Our organization is proud that we are a 100% volunteer organization and all funds donated go directly to celebrating our angels. Please support our organization by helping us make a difference in all of our participant's lives.