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One Man's Treasure

The mission of One Man's Treasure is to empower men recently released from prison to the Dallas area by providing them with clothing and opportunities for networking. There are many unique challenges to successful reentry into the community that indigent men face when they are released after many years of incarceration. Our mission is centered on the belief that if these men return with a desire to change the course of their lives and can find employment, they can lift themselves from poverty and become a productive member of society. By providing them decent clothing for daily living and job interviews, we can help them have a sense of dignity and hope.
In 2016, One Man's Treasure served a record 1398 indigent men, 528 more than the previous year (a 61% increase). With this growth the program needs of the organization has dramatically increased, especially in areas of clothing and delivery services. In order to maintain the efficiency and effectiveness of our program, funds will be used to purchase a used SUV for delivery of clothing to volunteers who deliver them to the client and to pick up clothing donations, purchase essential clothing items needed to complete sets of clothing, and assist in the salary expenditure for a part-time clothes closet staff person to take applications and gather sets of clothing for our clients.
Anonymous donors and One Man's Treasure Board of Directors