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Patriot PAWS Service Dogs

The mission of Patriot PAWS is to train and provide service dogs of the highest quality at no cost to disabled American veterans and others with mobile disabilities in order to help restore their physical and emotional independence. Patriot PAWS intends to build partnerships with national, state and community organizations to help develop and support this goal.
Our goal is, frankly, audacious! We want to change the lives of two disabled American veterans by raising $68,000 during North Texas Giving Day 2017 - enough to train two Patriot PAWS Service Dogs. It costs $34,000 to fully certify and gift a Patriot PAWS Service Dog to a disabled veteran, which includes the cost of procurement, medical and general care, 2-2_ years of training, and custom training for the dog/veteran team. So, we challenge you to give in a FRANKLY AUDACIOUS way on 9.14.17! Then, stay tuned to our website where you can watch the training progress of the two Patriot PAWS Service Dogs made possible by your donation. What will their names be? Frank and Audey, of course!