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Paws for Reflection Ranch

Our mission is to provide a healing, educational, motivational and recreational environment utilizing equine and other animal assisted therapies and experiences to enhance the quality of life for all individuals, and to provide a loving home, whether temporary or permanent, for animals that meet a specific criteria to participate in therapeutic programs. Since 2007, our horses and other ranch animals have been partnered with licensed counselors and therapists, in a peaceful ranch setting, to heal the mind, body, and spirit. Our programs and services currently make a difference in the lives of over 1500 clients annually serving individuals, families, youth-at-risk, veterans and dependents, and those with special needs. We are not only pioneers, but leaders with animal assisted counseling programs in North Texas. We often get referrals when traditional talk therapy in an office setting has not been productive. Our professional staff incorporates their clinical expertise to work with each client and family to identify goals and develop individual treatment plans to attain those goals. Progress notes are documented for each session and reviewed with the client or parent/guardian, with treatment plans adjusted as necessary to ensure goals are being met. Our programs include Equine/Animal Assisted Counseling & Play Therapy, Therapeutic Horseback Riding, Veterans Programs, Educational & Scout Programs, and Special Needs Field Trips. We offer two free community events for families with special needs each year. The Ranch is also host to a variety of support groups and community partners with missions in line with ours. The breadth and depth of our clinical team allows us at Paws for Reflection Ranch to treat the entire family. They work as a team to ensure successful family outcomes are achieved. Our peaceful ranch setting provides many soothing spaces for families to enjoy while their family members are participating in their sessions.
Our agency is in need of funding for our Boots of Honor programs. It is our mission to serve military veterans and active duty, along with their families for free. Our Boots of Honor programs include Equine/Animal Assisted Counseling and Play Therapy, Therapeutic Horseback Riding, and Therapeutic Horsemanship Groups. So many veteran families are hurting as a result of their family member's service in the military, we feel it only right to help them reintegrate without the additional burden of financial strain. To our knowledge, there are no other resources such as ours in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex. Other agencies may offer a portion of the same services, but do not offer a complete program to encompass the whole family. Each family member may benefit from counseling as they find their new "normal". The varied expertise of our counseling team enables us to work comfortably with each member, individually and also as a family. In addition to counseling, we offer therapeutic horseback riding, individual and group, in our covered arena. As in counseling, time spent with the horses is healing and motivational. The physical benefits of riding are many and aid in the healing of the body of our veterans. Therapeutic Horsemanship offers an environment of peer support and veterans benefit from the camaraderie and understanding of others. Horsemanship groups are led by a professional counselor and equine specialist, designing activities that are both enjoyable and healing. Veterans who have participated in our groups claim that they stayed away from substance abuse in order to come to the Ranch and see "their" horse. Military personnel state they feel safe at the Ranch and that it calms their worried mind. It is our intent to continue to serve those who have served us. We receive referrals from both the Dallas and Fort Worth Veterans Administration, other veteran service groups, and of course, individuals are welcome to call without referral. With 22 veteran suicides each day, how can we not help them?