Raised for Nonprofits

Reconciliation Outreach Ministries

Our mission is to create a Christian community in the Inner City to meet the needs of broken lives.
Reconciliation Outreach needs funds to hire two additional part time teachers for our after school program serving at-risk children from low income families in East Dallas. We also need funds to provide dinner, transportation, and safe activities for the Project 5:10 ministry which serves at-risk teens. One of our men's residences housing men in our discipleship program is in desperate need of major foundation and plumbing repairs. This house was built in the early 1900s and needs to be remodeled down to the studs or demolished and replaced. About twenty men are currently housed there. Funds are always needed to help support our discipleship program which provides food, housing, toiletries, bedding, medical care, clothing, et cetera for the men and women in our 12-month discipleship program. Most of these individuals are battling addiction, chronic homelessness, and abuse, but have made a commitment to change their lives and seek better life choices. They learn about the Gospel, healthy boundaries, work skills and ethics, relationship and social skills, budgets and responsibility in a nurturing, Christian environment.