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To promote wellness and recovery from alcohol, addiction and mental health issues.
Last year, Recovery Resource Council provided evidence-based prevention services to over 5,000 at-risk children. Each child had suffered the impact of homelessness, domestic violence, parental substance abuse, poverty, and other adverse childhood experiences. These is an urgent need in our community to serve a growing number of at-risk children. The Council needs your help to expand prevention services by adding more Prevention Specialists. In addition, Recovery Resource Council needs your help to maintain supportive housing services for chronically homeless adults, struggling with mental and behavioral health disorders. Last year, Project New Start provided housing, case management, and support services to 64 formerly homeless clients. The majority of New Start program funding comes from HUD; however, in order to continue receiving these funds, the Council must provide a cash match each year. Donations received on North Texas Giving Day help meet the required match and continue life-changing services for a special needs population. When Recovery Resource Council introduced the veterans counseling program, Enduring Families, in 2013, the number of Post-9/11 veterans and their family members who received services totaled 45 clients. Last year, the program served over 300 clients. Although the program expanded, capacity of the Enduring Families Counseling Center remained the same. Recovery Resource Council needs your help to expand the Counseling Center by adding two individual or family counseling rooms. The donations you make to Recovery Resource Council on North Texas Giving Day will help make meaningful change in the lives of at-risk children, special needs adults, and veterans. Please make your donation to an organization that is providing hope, conquering addiction, and healing families.