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Rescue Her

Rescue Her exists to fight sex-trafficking both locally and internationally. Our mission is to prevent youth from being sexually exploited/trafficked, rescue those who are currently being trafficked, and restore individuals to live a life of freedom! We cannot stand idly by and do nothing, so we decided to take action. We believe that together we can make a difference!
$25 provides motels and hotels with resources for one month! These resources help staff identify and report trafficking. Help us reach our goal of transforming 150 motels in 2017! $30 covers the cost of one Hope Kit! Hope Kits are given directly to individuals who have been trafficked or are at-risk. Help us be an encouragement and strength by giving a Hope Kit! Funds raised will also be used to support administrative needs to continue to run and grow our local outreach efforts! WHAT WE DO: Motels are a hotspot for human trafficking. We want to transform motels from a place where exploitation happens, to a place of safety and refuge. Our current local focus is reaching motels/hotels around the DFW area by training the staff to recognize the signs of trafficking and make the necessary reports. In addition to training resources, we provide motels with bathroom soaps to place in each room which list the National Human Trafficking hotline number. Why bathroom soaps? Because in many cases, the only time a victim is left alone is in the bathroom. Since October 2015 we've distributed over 60,000 soaps to DFW motels, and built relationships with 65 of the 80 motels we've visited. In 2017, we are looking to expand to reach more motels, as well as create material for corporate chains. In June of 2017 we launched our hotline which allows us to provide crisis response and advocacy to victims of trafficking and youth who are at-risk. Each individual we help receives a Hope Kit which includes various items such as hygiene products, clothing, and a personalized journal.