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Rockwall County Helping Hands, Inc.

Rockwall County Helping Hands strives to ensure that no one in Rockwall County goes to bed hungry, without a roof overhead, or is deprived of needed medical care. We serve Rockwall County residents by alleviating an unexpected crisis and providing a medical home.
Helping Hands depends on the funding from our natural base of support - local residents and businesses. Help us continue to be the community's safety net and lend a hand up for our neighbors experiencing a crisis. Please consider making a financial gift. Your one-time or monthly gift of $25, $50, $100, $500, $1,000 or $5,000 can make all the difference to our Food Pantry, to our Emergency Assistance program, to our Health Center - and to struggling families. Your support allows us to provide life-giving services each year to more than 10,000 Rockwall women, children and men that are experiencing a short-term crisis or disaster. Thank you for helping provide shelter from the storms, food during lean times and a medical home to help keep our community healthy. The client assistance interviewers with Helping Hands have the privilege of seeing your donations hard at work each week, turning tears of despair into tears of hope and joy as families are assisted out of crisis situations. Thank you for caring about your community enough to help!