Raised for Nonprofits

SacredHeart Water

To provide clean water where it is needed.
SacredHeart Water's donations are used to provide access to clean water, education about water, and to create community projects that provide clean water solutions. These projects include rainwater collection, lake and river clean-ups, and Permaculture gardening in community areas. SacredHeart Water gives humanitarian water filters to those in need and has a 1:1 filter matching agreement with Texas Baptist Men's Water Ministry. Funds raised on North Texas Giving Day will go towards programs in the North Texas Region. We are currently planning a community permaculture action day to install a permaculture garden and rain water collection for drinking and irrigation at Prince of Peace Gardens in Dallas. The food grown in this garden will be donated to Dallas residents in need. We also have a project hub at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala where we provide drinking water for the local Indigenous Maya. In the future we would like to organize volunteer experiences for North Texas residents who would like to help with this project.